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Stickied Incidents

30th May 2024

International Upstream International Upstream Network Problem

[30/05/2024 - 17:00 WIB] We have a problem with our international upstream network. This issue was affected by the submarine cut in the US cable. Upstream currently working on it. NO ETA at the moment.

Maintenance Notification of Neo Elastic Storage Banten Region: Thursday, July 25th 2024

Pemeliharaan akan dilakukan dengan detail sebagai berikut:
Tanggal: Kamis, 25 Juli 2024
Waktu: 00:01 WIB - 03:30 WIB
Durasi: 3 Jam 29 Menit
Durasi Gangguan : Tidak terdapat downtime namun terdapat degradasi peforma
Detail: Upgrade Komponen Layanan Neo Elastic Storage di Region Banten.
Dampak dari aktivitas pemeliharaan Selama proses pemeliharaan berlangsung tidak akan terjadi downtime, namun akan terdapat degradasi peforma pada layanan NEO Elastic Storage di Region Banten saat proses pemeliharaan berlangsung..


The maintenance regarding NEO Clouds will be performed with details as follows :
Date: Thursday July 25th, 2024
Time: 00:01 AM - 03:30 AM (UTC+7)
Duration: 1 Hour 29 Minutes
Duration of Disruption : There is no downtime but there is performance degradation
Detail: Service Component Upgrade of Neo Elastic Storage in Banten Region.
During the maintenance process there will be no downtime, there will be performance degradation in the NEO Elastic Storage service in Banten Region during the maintenance process.

Past Incidents

12th March 2023

No incidents reported

11th March 2023

No incidents reported

10th March 2023

No incidents reported

9th March 2023

No incidents reported

8th March 2023

NEO Web Hosting Neo Shared Hosting Problem

[08/03/2023 - 20:31 WIB] There is a service on one of our shared hosting server hosts has a problem. Currently our engineer team still investigating and recovering the problem.

  • [08/03/2023 - 21:01 WIB] The issue has been resolved. Currently, the NEO Virtual Compute service has returned to normal and is still being monitored by our engineering team.

  • 7th March 2023

    No incidents reported

    6th March 2023

    No incidents reported